FINNTEAM is an Olympic sailing team like you have never seen before 



FINNTEAM is something completely new in sailing.


A multi-national sailing team promoting synergy, collaboration, fair play, tolerance and cultural diversity.


ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM.  The concept is simple: create a team of sailors from around the world who are in need of coaching and funding to develop skills and train together, and then source the funding that allows each of them to succeed and achieve their goals – and reach the Olympic podium.


A crowdfunding campaign has been started on to launch the FINNTEAM on their route to the Olympic podium. Naming sponsors and other supporters are also being sought. Navigate the menu above to find out what FINNTEAM is all about, how it began, how it will be funded, and how YOU can be part of the dream.


ISAF-Worlds-Pic-Robert-Deaves444Then check out the growing number of sailors who are members of the most elite, focused, dedicated and diverse team of sailing athletes the world has ever seen.  


FINNTEAM is an initiatve of the Finn International Development Support (FIDeS) programme.


ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM – Join us for the journey of a lifetime.