FINNTEAM is an initiative within the FIDeS programme (Finn International Development Support).

Since 2005 the FIDeS programme has helped many athletes achieve their sporting dreams by competing for and at the Olympic Games. It has helped new nations compete in the Finn at the highest level including Cyprus and Venezuela; funded logistics for athletes to attend World Championships; facilitated equipment manufacture in South Africa and Brazil through transportation grants; and most since 2013 has part funded four athletes to train at the Dinghy Academy each year.

FINNTEAM is the logical extension of that programme to enable athletes of widely different background, race and culture to compete on an even playing field at the very top of the sport.

FINNTEAM will be managed and operated by the Finn Class. All funds will be managed by the Finn Class through the FIDeS programme. A ‘board’ from within the Finn Class and its partners will oversee the financial arrangements and its disbursement, to both sailors and other sporting establishments and businesses.

All sailors who are part of FINNTEAM have obligations towards events, training and providing media content updates. Sailors will be provided funding and/or equipment at favourable prices, help with logistics and travel, training expenses.


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