Grants are provided to sailors who do not recieve significant help through the national federations or do not have any major sponsors.

Funding is being sought by two avenues.

  1. Crowdfunding. See the campaign at A range of rewards and incentives are available to FINNTEAM SUPPORTERS
  2. Corporate sponsorship. This is a unique opportunity for global brands to reach diverse markets worldwide through support of one single sporting programme that supports athletes from multiple countries.

Reward Levels available through GoFundMe:

  1. Sea level supporter: £100 – one item of FINNTEAM Finnalia
  2. Bronze level supporter: £500 – the FINNTEAM Finnalia collection
  3. Silver level supporter: £1000 – hospitality and training invitations PLUS the FINNTEAM Finnalia collection

For these levels please contact FINNTEAM direct:

  1. Gold Level supporter: €20,000 to €50,000 – Secondary naming rights on website and promotional material PLUS draw for hospitality and training invitations PLUS the FINNTEAM Finnalia collection.
  2. Naming sponsor: €100,000+ – Become the ‘name’ in ‘THE ‘NAME’ FINNTEAM’. All media coverage, websites and merchandise will contain the primary naming sponsor.

All supporters can chose to be named on the website and use the FINNTEAM logo on their own site to show their support. If you wish to talk to someone about these opportunities please contact FINNTEAM



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