Luke Muller

Luke-Muller-Valencia-2015-pic-1000-Robert DeavesLuke Muller comes from a background of Laser and college racing in the USA and says his claim to fame is being the youngest ever US Laser National Champion. He made the transition to the Finn at the beginning of 2015 and has set himself the goal of Gold in Tokyo in 2020.


Name: Luke Muller
Country: USA
Date of Birth: 14/03/1996
Hometown: Fort Pierce


Luke-Muller-Valencia-2015-pic5-1000-Robert Deaves“I was born and raised in Florida and I go to Stanford University. I made the transition to the Finn first of all because of my size; I was getting a little bit too muscular for the Laser. Once I got into it, it was really great how some guys came together and I just started making contacts and guys were like, there’s boats here and there’s boats there, and then a friend of mine named Forrest Gay lent me his boat and I began to train and really enjoyed it.”

“There is a dynamic between finesse and power and strength and details. I really enjoyed the dynamics of it. Some people say the Finn is just a brute boat but I really think there are a lot of aspects of it that are really detailed oriented and finesse points, and that really makes me excited.”


“To be honest, I like to win a gold in Tokyo. I’d like to continue in university to have that as a foundation for long term life, but while I am there I will sail as much as I can, connect with the resources we have domestically, so training with Caleb [Paine] and the Canadians, and every time I can in the future, to be able to come to Europe for international events and training. And then spend my entire summer training. Then after university when I graduate in the spring of 2018 I’d like to go full time and train for Tokyo.”


“One way that crowdfunding can help is to create opportunities for the young guys. There is a stigma of Finn sailing is that you’re a single individual and that the equipment is very expensive, but having this package that says, yes we can support you and this is how. And that would really make the transition and the opportunity more available to sailors wanting to come into the Finn.”

“The crowdfunding would help us with international travel because most of our competition is in Europe and internationally, coming from the States. On top of that having a support group of boats – something to travel with for people that need it would really give Americans the opportunities. It would really make the international competition happen and work out.”


Luke-Muller-Valencia-2015-pic3-1000-Robert Deaves.jpg“My support for the Silver Cup this year mostly came from the St Francis Sailing Foundation. Once I moved over to the bay area for school I really connected with some folks there and they really helped me a lot. I got connected with people of influence, particularly the sailing foundation there. The club has been really supportive both logistically and financially, and I am really excited for the future.”

“My claim to fame is that I was the youngest US Laser national champion in 2013. I trained a lot in Fort Lauderdale, and they have an exceptional youth programme there. It’s the only reason I am who I am today. My sailing knowledge is all from there. I sailed two years in the Laser before going back into the Radial and getting really light for the youth worlds. Now I just sail for Stanford University, college sailing, I do some Laser events there as well, and then I sail the Finn in my own time.”

“In my studies, I am most likely to major in international relations or global affairs, and trying to obtain some skills in computer science and finances. Hobbies outside of sailing. I love to surf, I like to hike and mountain climb, and anything that has to do with a lot of physical activity outside like cycling and skate boarding.

Physicality of the Finn

“When you’re max effort and all the training comes together it’s all worth it. That’s a really special moment and I like that; and the Finn allows that. It allows you to get on the other side of tired to really explore yourself while in competition. There’s nothing better than a victory after being exhausted, and the Finn can definitely provide that.”

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