No racing on Wednesday at Finn Silver Cup as big winds hit Hoorn

No racing was possible on the fourth day at the Finn Silver Cup in Hoorn as strong winds caused the abandonment of all racing. The fleet was sent out on time for the scheduled start at 12.00 but it soon became apparent that the wind was above sensible limits with many boats capsizing in the fierce gusts. After one postponement the race officer abandoned racing as the wind hit 31 knots and sent the fleet back to the harbour, where racing was eventually abandoned for the day later in the afternoon after the wind refused to moderate.

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Russia 2 - Norway 1, after Pedersen and Kistanov slug it out at Finn Silver Cup

Anders Pedersen (NOR) and Arkadiy Kistanov (RUS) engaged in a battle of wits on the third day of the Finn Silver Cup in Hoorn, Netherlands to slug it out for the overall lead. Kistanov narrowly missed out on all three race wins but the final score was was one win for Pederden and two for Kistanov. This left Pedersen leading Kistanov by two points with Nenad Bugarin (CRO) 23 points back in third.

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Arkadiy Kistanov moves ahead after tricky second day at Finn Silver Cup

Arkadiy Kistanov (RUS), the 2011 Finn Junior World Champion, has taken the lead the 2014 Finn Silver Cup after a difficult day afloat on the second day in Hoorn, The Netherlands. Only one race was sailed as the breeze faded during the race and eventually switched off after the first boats finished. Nenad Bugarin (CRO) is up to second with Jacob Stachelhaus (DEN) in third. The race was won by Dimitar Vangelov (BUL).

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