The following bids have been received by the IFA for our 2017 Major Championships. These will be voted on at the 2015 IFA AGM in Takapuna on Sunday 22 November.

1.St. Margaret Sailing Club, Nova Scotia, Canada (Finn Gold Cup)

Bid document (PDF 2.3 Mb) • Video addendum

2. Dziwnow, Poland (Finn Gold Cup or European Championship) 

Bid document (PDF 3.3 Mb) - Application - Map of marina - Photo of marina

3. Spartacus Sailing Club, Lake Balaton, Hungary (Finn Gold Cup or European Championship)

Bid document (PDF 1.4Mb) - Application (PDF 1.4 Mb)

4. Marseilles, France (Finn Gold Cup or European Championship)


 5 Kiel (Europeans)

Bid document (3.5 Mb PDF)





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