National growth usually comes from local growth, so it is encouraging to see the huge growth in the Finn fleet in Catalonia, a region of north-eastern Spain. Three years ago there was just one Finn, now there are 14 with several more on the way, ranging from Juniors to Super Legends.

On 14 November 2015, the Catalonia Finn Association met at Port Balís for its III Assembly (photo).

Among many other decisions, it was agreed to create the FinnCat Race; the first edition will be celebrated on 24-25 September 2016.

The Assembly also decided to organise the fleet in three regions: South, Central, and North Coast. Captains for the three regions have been nominated with headquarters in:

South: Club Nautic Cambrils -
Central: Club Nautic El Balis -
North: Club de Vela Blanes -

As usual there is one enthusiastic person behind the growth and in this case that person is Miguel Ángel Mateo.

He said, “It was just myself sailing in 2012 in the entire Catalonia, but we are now 14 and with three more people probably joining soon. We have two Juniors, four Seniors, three Masters, two Grand Masters, two Grand Grand Masters, one senior woman, and possibly one more Master, one more Junior and one Super Legend.”

“Perico Jiménez, the man in the red trousers, is 80 and wants to join the Association; he is actively sailing Laser and a former Finn sailor. He wants to try the Finn a few times before taking the step. Amazing.”

At the 2016 Finn World Masters CN El Balís will also be bidding to host the 2018 Finn World Masters Championship.

These are the links of the FinnCat. Anyone interested can contact Miguel through the website.



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