In late October the Grand prix de l’Armistice was the closing event for 2010  French season.

In late October the Grand prix de l’Armistice was the closing event for 2010  French season.

Held at CV Bordeaux it attracted 60 entrants and was absolutely dominated by Jonathan Lobert who found a free spare week just before flying to Perth for a winter training session. Lobert won all nine races and this way confirmed his impressive 2010 campaign and a second overall at ISAF world cup. He also let sailors and observers once again measure how large is the gap between Finn experts building Olympic hopes and all the others.

Light and medium winds prevailed along six races while day two was very windy with gusts peaking at 25 knots on the huge Maubuisson Carcans lake near the Bay of Biscay coastline.

While not always leading at mark one, Jonathan sooner or later grabbed the lead everytime to take the winning horn with an impressive easiness. Behind him a fierce fight occurred between the ever consistent Laurent Hay and Marc Allain des Beauvais . It cost Marc a DSQ in race 4. In addition to 3 average results Marc current French Finn champion dropped to 6th overall to leave Alexis and Montagut two young sailors at 3rd and 4th while veteran JJ Granchamp enjoying some 40 years of sailing on the lake, remained extremely consistent next to very top sailors and finally ended 5th.

Pics  By Cyril Richard     Words By Francois Richard

1    FRA 112 LOBERT Jonathan                          7.00       9.00   
2    FRA 75  Laurent Hay                                   17.00      27.00   
3    FRA 7    ALEXIS Stephane                            32.00      51.00  
4    FRA 89  MONTAGUT Benjamin                  41.00      69.00  
5    FRA 91  GRANCHAMP Jean jacques         41.00      70.00   
6    FRA 99  ALLAIN DES BEAUVAIS Marc        43.00    118.00   
7    FRA 61  MINOS Mickael                             43.00      65.00 
8    FRA 64  ITURRALDE Orotz                          51.00      89.00   
9    FRA 57  BOULAN Damien                          54.00    118.00   
10  FRA 8    GASTON Jean-Paul                       62.00    105.00  
11  FRA 28  GRALL Sebastien                          76.00    150.00   
12  POR 5    PINHEIRO DE MELO Jorge           81.00    155.00   
13  FRA 2    MONDETEGUY Pierre                  83.00    156.00   
14  FRA 66  LOBERT Philippe                          86.00    136.00   
15  FRA117 RICHARD François                       88.00    133.00  





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