2010 IFA AGM - Minutes

2010 IFA Annual General Meeting, St Francis YC, August 27, 2010


The 2010 IFA AGM was held in San Framcisco, USA over two evenings.



President's Report

Vice-President Sailing Report

Vice-President Development Report

Vice-President Masters Report

Accounts 2009

Treasurer's Report


San Francisco, United States of America


27th of August, 2010 – 18h00 – Richmond Marina

cont. 28th of August, 2010 – 16h00 – St. Francis Yacht Club

1. National Class Associations

At beginning of meeting 17 countries present with 26 votes in total incl. 5 Executives.

2. Approval of the minutes from the 2009 AGM

Minutes from the 2009 AGM were approved.

3. Accounts

The 2009 accounts and 2010 budget were approved. (App.1&2)

In addition the Assembly asked to increase revenues and in this quest to raise the sail labels fee to 40€, the mast labels fee to 50€ and the ISAF plaques to 150€. The Executives therefore decided to put the increase in effect asap. Extra revenues generated will be used for Finn promotion and development.

4. Executive Committee Reports (App. 3)

  1. the President

  2. the Vice-President Sailing

  3. the Vice-President Development

  4. the Vice-President Masters

  5. the Treasurer

  6. the Chairman of the Technical Committee (App. 4)

5. Elections of Members to IFA Committees

  1. Tapio Nirkko replaces Daniel Birgmark as VP Sailing. The rest of the Executive Committee is re-elected

  2. Members of the Technical Committee (App. 5)

  3. Members of the Marketing Committee: new member Jonas Hoegh-Christensen as chair of the “marketing and promotion” Working Party.

6. IFA Championships

Bids to host the following IFA Championships were approved:

2013 Finn European: Germany, possibly Wismar or Warnemunde. A decision will be taken after a site visit.

2012 Junior Silver Cup: Maubuisson, France, first week of July

2013 Junior Silver Cup: Riva del Garda, Italy, July

The Executive to liaise with suitable sailing clubs to host future IFA Championships.

Requirement of an advance site visit by an IFA representative (covered by the host club) to be included in the IFA Major Championship Rules (currently only a recommendation).

7. FIDeS

Ongoing development strategies were discussed to encourage new builders and easy access to affordable boats in developing nations. In particular the introduction of new builders in Brazil and South Africa were highlighted, assisted by the Finn class.

IFA (coordinated by the Vice-President Development) to continue endeavour to further strengthen national Finn fleets.

  1. Detailed FIDeS update (App. 6)

  2. Soup to nuts update: Gus Miller to draft a report for publication in Finnfare

  3. Gear donation day. Starting in year 2011, before one or two of the main events on the international circuit, a gear donation day will be organised by IFA where sailors can bring their old equipment for sailors in need. Donators and donations will be upon request published (Finnfare, Website, IFA press reports).

  4. With regards to a potential future change to regional Olympic qualification, steps shall be taken to include the Finn in continental championships (e.g. Asia, Panam, Africa).

8. Technical Committee

a. Report Chairman, Technical Committee. (App.7)

b. IFA Olympic Gear Commission report: creation of an equipment online database was approved with one year trial period, evaluation (until the next AGM). Exact database content and access to be defined.

c. Rule 42: it has been decided to lower the wind limit for free pumping (to raise Oscar flag) at 10 knots only for Sailing World Cup events, IFA major events and Olympic Games (incl. ISAF Olympic qualifiers).

d. Minimum wind limit to start and abandon a race: current IFA rule says that a Finn race should not be started under 5 knots. After debate, it was added that a race should be abandoned if the wind drops to or under 3 knots for a length of 5 mn with the wind read at deck level on a race committee boat at any mark on the course.

9. Olympic selection campaign update. Olympic Commission report and possible consequences on the Finn as equipment in the Olympic Games

- IFA strategy: detailed discussion postponed to the 2011 AGM.

- Opportunities for provided equipment at the Olympic Games (refer to ISAF Olympic Commission report and implications): detailed discussion postponed to the 2011 AGM.

10. Any other business

  • Class promotion:

A marketing working party, initially chaired by double world champion Jonas Høgh Christensen, will look at longer term marketing strategies and issues including corporate sponsorship, increasing revenue flow, professional marketing, offering prize money, and increasing use of new technologies such as boat tracking and internet coverage as standard.

  • Golden waves for past and current senior World champions:

To be included in the class rules and introduced by 1 December 2010.

  • AGM

The next AGM will be in Helsinki in July during the 2011 Finn Europeans.

To be circulated to: National Finn Association Secretaries

IFA Executive Committee

IFA Website



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