2007 IFA AGM - Minutes




Balatonföldvár, Spartacus Yacht Club, Hungary



2nd of June, 2007


1. National Class Associations

15 countries represented. Executive members present: Balazs Hajdu, President; Daniel Birgmark, Vice-President Sailing; Richard Hart, Chairman Technical Committee; Robert Deaves, Chairman Marketing Committee; Corinne Rolland-McKenzie, Secretary/Executive Director


2. Minutes from the last meeting

The minutes from the 2006 IFA AGM were approved (previously circulated on IFA website, secretariesÖ)


3. Accounts

2006 accounts approved (App.1)

2007 budget approved (App. 2)


4. Elections of Members to IFA Committees

Martijn van Muyden resigned as Treasurer. IFA thanks Martijn for his ongoing work over the years and unanimously elected Tim Carver (GBR) as new Treasurer. Wietze Zetzema was appointed as deputy development officer to help with the increasing work linked to FIDeS and development.

The members of the Technical Committee were approved with the addition of Robert Carlen (USA)


5. Executive Committee Reports (App. 3)

the President

the Vice-President Sailing

the Vice-President Development

the Treasurer

the Chairman of the Technical Committee

6. IFA Championships

a. 2008 FGC: transport by container (5 x 40 ft) date and location will be fixed after the ISAF Worlds in Cascais. The first priority to help the countries not yet qualified for the 2008 Olympics, containers spread geographically.

Dates: 20th to 29th January 2008. Clinic organised from 10th to 14th January.

b. To choose the venues at least 3 years ahead to maximise opportunities

c. The following IFA Championships have been chosen:

2009 Finn Gold Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark (after Kiel Week)

2010 Finn Gold Cup in Saint Francis YC, USA. Boats launching from Treasure Island, closer to the racing area, connecting to YC by fast boat. Organisers and IFA to check dates to prevent clashes with Olympic test event.

2009 Europeans in Varna, Bulgaria (August). Organisers proposed to organise transportation by container of equipment. Suggestion to load containers after the FGC in Copenhagen and return boats to Weymouth for the Sail for Gold regatta and Lake Garda.

2010 European: to receive confirmation of bid from Koper, Slovenia, and other bids.


7. FIDeS

Update (App. 4)

Second hand equipment to be collected from sailors.


8. Technical

Andrzej Ostrowski: Council were informed of the sad loss of Andrzej Ostrowski, a long time servant of the class, member and former Chairman of the Technical Committee. On behalf of IFA, our President had written a letter of condolence to his widow.

Digital compass: Discussion with the sailors and delegates indicated that there were still questionµs remaining regarding possible increases in the price of digital compasses, the longevity of the digital compared with the magnetic compass, batteries, and the effect on weight distribution. Council directed that TC should investigate further on these points before the Class agreed to adopt the digital compass.

Loose Footed Sails: IFA assembly approved the action of IFA Executive during the year in submitting a rule change to ISAF clarifying the prohibition of loose footed sails.

Mast groove stops: many suggestions were given by sailors on how to stop the sail going above the mast black band (stop on halyard). It was a common feeling among the sailors that the rule was clear already and it is the sailor’s responsibility to find adequate ways to prevent sail going over the mast black band.

Other Matters: TC were authorised to submit to ISAF minor editorial clarifications and adjustments to the rules, also submissions standardising dimensions for fitting masts in decks etc.


9. Olympic selection campaign

a. Update on last ISAF conference: feed-back from Federations and delegates indicate that the Finn is not the most threatened class and that there is a general understanding that there is a real need for a Heavyweight Men’s dinghy in the Olympic programme. The Finn is a natural progression from the Laser where ideal weight stops at 80 kgs. The increasing number of Juniors in the Finn proves that younger population is bigger in size than before and that the need for the Finn is a necessity.

b. Arguments for the Finn will be distributed to key sailors and secretaries who will be contacting ISAF delegates.

c. Lobbying: need for Finn sailors to come to the ISAF conference in November 2007.


10. Any other business

GPS: IFA will be investigating the cost of boats tracking system for use in regattas for the internet but also for OCS if technology and price allow it.

On board cameras: A working party was formed including Gus Miller, Jonas Hoegh-Christensen, Dan Slater, Zach Railey, Jocke Wilenius and Corinne Mckenzie to work on the use of onboard camera and transmitter. The intention is to use them in Cascais and further regattas. Long term objective is to have the mount (frame) as part of the boat.

Container sponsor: IFA will investigate partnership with a transportation company to facilitate and coordinate transport of boats between regattas, help with the FIDeS programme and transportation of the Finn measurement equipment.


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