2008 IFA AGM - Minutes




Puntone di Scarlino




3rd of May, 2008


1. National Class Associations

14 countries represented
Total of 26 votes


2. Minutes from the last meeting


Minutes from the 2007 IFA AGM (previously circulated on IFA website, secretaries…) approved


3. Accounts

  1. Summary of the 2007 accounts approved (appendix 1)

  2. Budget for 2008 approved (a 5 year budget incl. 2012 will be communicated at a later stage.


4. Elections of Members to IFA Committees

  1. Election of Zach Railey as VP Development. The assembly and executives thanked VP Development Michele Marchesini for his work and contribution to the Finn development especially through the concept and realisation of the FIDeS programme. Michele Marchesini will remain as a member of the Executive Committee and advise the Executive on development issues.

  2. Other members of the 2007 Executive have been re-elected for another term.

5. Executive Committee Reports (app.2)

  1. the President

  2. the Vice-President Sailing

  3. the Vice-President Development

  4. the Vice-President Masters

  5. the Treasurer

  6. the Chairman of the Technical Committee

6. IFA Championships

a. The following events have been selected:
2010 European: Split, Croatia

2011 European championship: Helsinki, Finland (in conjunction with other Olympic classes).

b. To discuss 2012 FGC venue criteria (last Olympic qualifier): the second Olympic qualifier will need to be in Europe (ISAF prerogative), preferably in a location offering similar conditions as Weymouth, centrally located, good infrastructure, and affordable. (among the venues recommended by sailors: Cadiz, Brittany, La Rochelle, Alassio, Falmouth…).

c. 2009 FGC update. Please find all latest details on: www.fgc-2009.com

d. Frequency of Junior World Championship: the juniors present recommended to hold the Silver Cup every year, in order to keep the interest of sailors, support from federation through junior programme. Criteria: in Europe, opportunity to have provided equipment, clinic prior to the event, preferably during school holidays but possibility to have a week off for Silver Cup. IFA proposed to speak with masters to address possibility to link the Junior Silver Cup (Junior WC) after the masters with option to use charter boats used by masters.). Some venues have already showed interest in holding this championship.

e. Championship rules and documents review (manual and bidding doc.). The IFA Executive will review the championship documents (manual, application form; championship rules)

f. Major championship format: After a long debate, all the assembly agreed to change the format as follow:

- triangle over 15 knots (or when surfing conditions) with a windward/leeward/triangle and finish on the second reach. (offset mark at top mark and gate at bottom)

- 11 races: 2 races per day for 5 days followed on Day 6 by a Medal race and a final race. Maximum of 3 races per day. 1 race max, ahead of schedule.


7. FIDeS

  1. Update (published in Finnfare)

  2. Council request Gus Miller to provide an update in order to publish on the website.

8. Technical Committee

a. Report of the Chairman, Technical Committee (app. 3)

b. Submitted changes by TC chairman (app 4) approved except for points 7 and 11:

- 7: digital compass adopted but corrector weight not increased by 2 more kilos (stays 5kg). Council requires TC to finalise the final wordings.

- 11 against adopting further head sails reinforcement

c. The assembled national representatives also sent a strong signal that they wanted the removal from the required equipment of the bailer and the paddle. Council requests that TC endeavour to change the rule as soon as possible.


9. Olympic selection campaign

a. Update on Olympic selection

b. Finn sailors at ISAF committees: Finn sailors should be included at ISAF committees. Decision next November so should contact their MNA’s asap.


10. Any other business


To be circulated to: National Finn Association Secretaries

IFA Executive Committee

IFA Website



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