2003 IFA AGM - Minutes



Cadiz, Spain




Executive Committee: Philippe Rogge, President; Ali Enver Adakan, Vice-President Sailing, Clifton Webb, Vice-President Development; Martijn Van Muyden, Treasurer; Corinne Rolland-McKenzie, Secretary; Richard Hart, Chairman Technical Committee, Robert Deaves, Chairman Marketing Committee, Michele Marchesini, IFA coach.

Countries represented: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, New-Zealand, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, USA, Sweden, UK.


1. National Class Associations

Voting cards were distributed to the National Class Association representatives based on the 2003 IFA dues received.


2. Minutes from the last meeting

The minutes from the 2002 IFA AGM were approved


3. Accounts

  1. The 2002 accounts and the budget for 2003/2004 were approved

(Appendix A)


4. Elections of Members to IFA Committees

Gilbert Lamboley has been proposed by Richard Hart and elected in the Technical Committee.


5. Executive Committee Reports

Verbal reports were received from members of the Executive Committee (Appendix B)

IFA Technical Committee report (Appendix C)


6. IFA Championships

An update was received from Joao Signorini on the 2004 FGC in Rio.

Dates of the Championship: 12th to 20th of February. Information on accommodation and boat transport have been posted on the event website: www.atividade.com.br/finn, you will also find information on warm up regattas and the most famous Carnival is starting a few days only after the regatta.

Dates for the Europeans in La Rochelle are confirmed to be between the 7th and the 15th of May. It will be the last Olympic Qualifier.

b. Bids were received from:

Warnemunde (GER), Balaton, (HUN), Kalmar (SWE), Moscow (RUS)

Moscow received 13 voices and was elected to host the 2005 FGC.

However, the location being a lake, the council gave the IFA EC the chance to go and assess the suitability of the location before giving full consent.

Moscow has committed to build 100 Finns that they will lend, free of charge, to the competitors. Dates will be between SPA regatta and Kiel Week to allow the sailors to fly from Hamburg. A charter flight will be available at a very competitive price at a set date and time. Accommodation was offered free of charge to the top 10 sailors but IFA asked for the offer to be given to developing nations instead.

Visa will be organised in conjunction with the organisers and each country Russian Embassy. To facilitate this operation for the sailors, dates to collect visas will be organised with each country.

Kalmar in the South of Sweden was elected to host the 2005 European Championship. This event will be part of the 50 years anniversary celebration of the Swedish Sailing Federation.


7. IFA rules and Constitution

  1. Constitution: “Mission Statement”: deferred to the next AGM

  2. Racing:

    1. Increase the number of judges from 6 to 8 in major events where the fleet is likely to exceed 80 boats. (recommendation in IFA Championship manual)

Voted against.

    1. Fleet or group racing format in large fleet events.

Fleet format is still the most preferred format.

    1. Bring the age of Juniors from 21yo to 25yo (submission from Finn Club Holland)
      Voted against. However some measures are being studied to help Juniors to sail the Finn. (creation of a Junior Major event, Juniors clinics,…)


8. Any other business

The 2004 AGM will be held in La Rochelle during the European Championship.


A late submission was submitted during the AGM by a few sailors and accepted by the council. It was voted by all the countries present in the regatta during the event.

See appendix D.


To be circulated to: National Finn Association Secretaries

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