Interview feature: The Russian Finn Revolution

After the success of the 2005 Finn Gold Cup in Moscow, the Russian Finn fleet staged something of a revolution. During the last six years, Finn sailing in Russia has gradually and methodically been transformed from a small number of professional sailors and a group of die-hard amateur enthusiasts into a modern, thriving and competitive fleet that can boast big numbers attending regattas at home and abroad.

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A look at the Finn under the water

In a recent Finn sail development cycle, WB-Sails needed a 3D Finn model, with hull, cockpit, crew and all, to be able to simulate the sail performance more realistically. With the hull model there, they thought why not add a centreboard and a rudder and take a look under the water as well.

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An outstanding display of sailing skills and athleticism

The Finn is the pinnacle of singlehanded dinghy sailing for men, and the Olympics is the pinnacle event for the Finn. There are proposals for a change to the format of Olympic event and equipment selection and the Finn is positioning itself to be part of that future.

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Finn Gold Cup media builds on past success

The recent Finn Gold Cup in San Francisco was a dream location for the media. Great backdrops, stunning scenery, blue skies, sparkling water, fit and strong athletes, fantastic looking hi-tech boats and spectacular windy conditions. Every day for a week.

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A Finn for Africa

For the first time in nearly 25 years, competitive Finns are now available in South Africa, a country with a long and proud history in Finn sailing. Pata Finns Africa built its first prototype in June after extensive collaboration with Pata Boats in Hungary and with financial assistance from the South African Finn Association and through the International Finn Association’s FIDeS programme (Finn International Development Support).


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