2019 IFA AGM - Agenda



President's Report Masters ReportTreasurer's Report Technical Committee Chairman's ReportAccountsVP Sailing ReportVP Development Report

Athens, Greece

12thof May 2019 • 9.30 am Athens Sailing Centre


1. National Class Associations

To receive the list of National Class Associations (NCA) and the Treasurer’s statement of the NCA Representatives’ voting powers based on the IFA dues received.

2. Minutes from the last meeting

To approve the minutes from the 2018 IFA AGM (previously circulated on IFA website, to secretaries)

3. Accounts

  1. To approve the 2018 accounts

  2. To approve the 2019 / 2020 budget

4. Executive Committee Reports (see above)

  1. the President 

  2. the Vice-President Sailing 

  3. the Vice-President Development 

  4. the Vice-President Masters 

  5. the Treasurer 

  6. the Chairman of the Technical Committee 

  7. the Chairman of the Media and Marketing Committee 

5. Elections of Members to IFA Committees

  1. To elect the members of the Executive Committee 

    1. The President

    2. The VP Sailing

    3. The VP Development

    4. The  Treasurer

  2. To elect the members of the Technical Committee

  3. To elect the members of the Marketing Committee

6. Events

  1. Finn Major Events update

  2. Ranking update and SSL partnership update

  3. 2024  Olympic Games update

  4. 2021 – 2024 circuit discussion

7. Technical Committee

a.Technical matters arising from the TC Chairman report (download)

8. Development: plan for 2019 -2020

Any other business



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