Finn Archive Depositary

During the compilation of 'Photo FINNish' in 2007-2009 it became all too obvious that large volumes of important class archives were lost forever. Too many times the answer came back, 'It all got thrown away,' 'It was put into storage and lost,' or 'No idea where that is.' Therefore the International Finn Association has set up the Finn Archive Depositary, which aims to collect, look after and preserve material from the Finn class history.

The IFA already has a vast archive and this is the perfect final destination for all those old photos, movies, programmes, articles etc that otherwise would get thrown away. So please, if you have any old Finn related material that future generations might be interested in, send it to the Finn Archive Depositary for safekeeping. Already we are finding old movies, more old photos than could fit into any number of books as well as other interesting items. Over time we would like to bring you all of this in a special online archive so it can be enjoyed the world over.

Also of course, people pass on and material is lost. If you wish for your Finn archive to be preserved, please make provision for it to be sent to the Finn Archive Depositary. If you know anyone with such an archive please let them know about this scheme, so that more material can be saved and preserved.  


Robert Deaves



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