The decision making body of IFA is the Council.

Council consists of one represenative of each National Finn Association (list here) and the members of the Executive Committee (unless they also represent an NFA).


President of Honour
Gerardo Seeliger
Paseo Marquesa Viuda de Aldama, 52
28109 La Moraleja, Madrid, Spain
Mob: +34 609 20 10 20
Email: gerardo.seeliger (at)


Executive Committee of IFA 2023-24

Rob McMillan, AUS
Email: finnports (at)


Vice-President - Sailing
Kristian Sjöberg, FIN
kristian.h.sjoberg (at)


Vice President - Development
Marc Allain des Beauvais, FRA
Email: marc (at)


Executive Director, FINNFARE Editor and Webmaster
Robert Deaves
2 Exeter Road, Ipswich. IP3 8JL, England
WhatsApp/Mob: +44 7936 356 663
Email: office (at)
Skype: robert.deaves


Hon Treasurer
David Bull, AUS
davidannb (at)


Vice-President - Masters Fleet
Andy Denison, GBR
Mob: +44 (0)7802 355522
Email: andy (at)

Chief Measurer
Andre Blasse, AUS
Email: aus729 (at)


Special Projects
Andrzej Romanowski, POL
Email: andrzej.romanowski (at)


Chairman of the Technical Committee
Tim Tavinor, GBR
timtavinor (at)

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