Rule 42 Online Clinic with video analysis

Rule 42 Online Clinic with video analysis

ISAF and the Finn Class ran a Rule 42 Clinic in Palma in March 2014. The day was videoed by several cameras and some onboard stern mounted cameras. Afterwards the footage was analysed to select common situations where Rule 42 is being broken, and also situations that do not break Rule 42.

The complete list of permitted and non permitted actions can be downloaded here

Rule 42 can be found here (Part 4 of the RRS)

This is amended by Section C of the Finn Class Rules (C1 - General)

The following documents are also available on the ISAF website.

Rule 42 library:

General Rule 42 Interpretations:[15296].pdf

Finn Class Common Breaches:

Sailors racing in judged events should make themselves familiar with these documents to help avoid Rule 42 infringements.


The video clips are broken down into Downwind, Upwind and Starting. More clips will be added as they are filmed to build a library of sitations for the education of both sailors and jury members.


Downwind  -  Upwind  -  Starting



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