Silver Cup: Luke Lawrence takes title on his birthday

Ioannis Mitakis, Luke Lawrence, Oliver Tweddle
Luke Lawrence
Jorge Zarif and RJ Bay

On his 20th birthday, Miami sailor Luke Lawrence wins the 2010 Finn Junior World title.What a better present than the Silver Cup! “Winning this event was my main goal this year. I have trained hard since spring with my coach John Bertrand. My learning curve has been great. It has been quite stressing at time with difficult sailing conditions and good competition. I am happy because I was able today to go out there and do the job!”

The day started with sun and wind from the East. The AP flag went up to postpone racing until the westerly filled in the bay. Racing started at 3 PM after a general recall. It was a nerve raking race with light wind and event leadership changing through the race. Caleb Paine was first to the top mark while Luke Lawrence rounded in 11th place. The run against the current provided the biggest opportunities to gain or lose.

While the top five sailed the run down the middle of the course, Oliver Tweddell (AUS), Egor Terpigorev (RUS) and Luke Lawrence (USA) went close to the shore. “With the side being so shallow, there was much less current close to the shore. There was also an opposite current starting to form towards the end of the run. I waited until every one there gybed towards the gate. We all made big gains. On the second run we went again close to shore and very low to be pushed to the gate by the current.”

Egor Terpigorev (RUS) won the last race with Oliver Tweddell (AUS) second and Luke Lawrence third. Fourth place in the last race goes to the fleet younger RJ Bay who at the age of 16 is looking forward more Finn racing! Luke Lawrence takes the title, three points from European Junior champion Ioannis Mitakis (GRE) and Oliver Twedelle (AUS).

The Silver Cup is the first Finn event for the 19 years old Australian who has started sailing the Finn only four months ago. Most Junior sailors will stay in San Francisco to race the Finn Gold Cup scheduled next week. “My objective is to make the top 30” says Lawrence. “This is where I finished in the Finn Europeans last May. But for now I will have a good break and sail the 18 ft skiff!”

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Luke Lawrence talks about winning the Silver Cup





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