2012 IFA AGM Agenda

Agenda and supporting papers for the 2012 IFA AGM in Falmouth, UK



Falmouth, Great Britain

AGENDA (amemnded 11/5/12 after ISAF Mid-Year Meeting)

11th of May 2012

Download: Agenda (.doc) - President's Report - VP Sailing Report (PDF) - VP Development Report (PDF)TC Chairman's Report (PDF)  - VP Masters Report (PDF) - Accounts (xls) - Treasurer's report (PDF)


1. National Class Associations
To receive the list of National Class Associations and the Treasurer’s statement of the NCA Representatives’ voting powers based on the IFA dues received.

2. Minutes from the last meeting
To approve the minutes from the 2011 IFA AGM (previously circulated on IFA website, secretaries)

3. Accounts

  1. Treasurer’s report
  2. To approve the summary of the 2011 accounts (previously circulated and available on website)
  3. To approve the budget for 2012/2013 (previously circulated)

4. Executive Committee Reports (previously circulated and on website)

the President
the Vice-President Sailing
the Vice-President Development
the Vice-President Masters
the Treasurer (item 3)
the Chairman of the Technical Committe (item 8)

5. Elections of Members to IFA Committees To elect the members of the Executive Committee To elect the members of the Technical Committee To elect the members of the Marketing Committee


6. IFA Championships

a. Tallinn 2013 progress report, 2014 ISAF Worlds qualification

b. To receive bids to host the following IFA Championships: 2014 European Championship (La Rochelle)

2015 Combined European Championship (agree on concept, Arhus, Gdyna)

b. Potential Rio Gold Cup in 2015 around the 2015 South American Olympic Qualifier) + NZ/Takapuna Gold Cup bid

7. FIDeS

  1. Update (clinic Silver Cup Maubisson)

  2. Kosovo + other new countries

  3. continental Finn development (2016 Olympic qualifiers)


8. Technical Committee

a. To receive the report of the Chairman, Technical Committee (previously circulated)

b. Equipment online database update

  1. Proposition for measurement certificate certifying system

d. Any Rule matters arising

9. Administration

Member online database, IFA membership stickers Constitution

Amendment proposed:

3.5 There shall be the following Executive Officers:

• President
• Vice-President (Sailing)
• Vice-President (Development)
• Vice-President (Masters)
• Treasurer
• Chairman of the Technical Committee
Up to 4 other non-voting Executive Committee members (as elected by the IFA AGM) working on special IFA projects
• Executive Director


10. International update

  • Current ISAF plans on future Sailing World Cup (Quingdao)
  • EUROSAF regatta circuit
  • Finn as Olympic core event submission for Nov. 2012
  • 2016 Olympic format (WP Tappio + PJ + sailors)
  • Finn fleet size for 2016
  • Country quota allocation 2012


Any other business


To be circulated to: National Finn Association Secretaries IFA Executive Committee IFA Website

Email list Finn sailors


Any other business
To be circulated to: National Finn Association Secretaries
IFA Executive Committee
IFA Website
Email list Finn sailors


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