2014 IFA AGM Minutes

2014 IFA AGM Minutes

2014 IFA AGM Minutes

La Rochelle, France


3rd of May 2014

1. National Class Associations
23 countries representing a total of 33 votes and 6 voting members of the Executive Committee were present.

2. Minutes from the last meeting
The minutes from the 2013 IFA AGM were approved.

3. Accounts
a. Approval of the summary of the 2013 accounts
b. Approval of the budget for 2014/2015

4. Executive Committee Reports (see here)
a. the President
b. the Vice-President Sailing
c. the Vice-President Development
d. the Vice-President Masters
e. the Treasurer
f. the Chairman of the Technical Committee

5. Elections of Members to IFA Committees
a. The members of the Executive Committee were re-elected.
b. The members of the Technical Committee were re-elected.
c. The members of the Marketing Committee were re-elected.

6. IFA Championships
a. 2016 Finn Gold Cup: Gaeta Italy (date tba)
b. 2016 Finn Europeans: Barcelona Spain (date tba)
d. The AGM received interest for the 2017 IFA event bids from Palamos, Spain (FGC 40th anniversary), and from Turkey.
e. The IFA Executive Committee recommend that a year in the next quadrennial be allocated to an event outside of Europe (probably 2019).
f. The status of the Finn Silver Cup Junior Worlds) has been discussed, with a view to promote and increase participation. The Assembly discussed the options to keep separate events, or to have it combined again with the Senior events. It seemed important to keep this event as a separate event and try in the future to organise it at the Dinghy Academy where facilities, boats and support is available.
g. 2015 calendar, update. (FGC Takapuna / Sail Melbourne/SWC GF): With the revision of the ISAF SWC circuit and the inclusion of a Final in November, the 2015 dates for the FGC could be compromised. IFA is discussing with ISAF, Sail Melbourne and the FGC organising Committee to optimise the calendar. The assembly noted that with the absence of dates for the 2015 European SWC events, the Finn Europeans dates are not yet fixed. IFA should have firm options by end of July according to ISAF events bids procedure.

7. Development
a. Update on activities (refer to report)
b. IOC (Olympic Solidarity grants) ­ (see www.sailing.org/training/iocfunding)

8. Technical Committee
a. Report from the Chairman, Technical Committee (previously circulated)
b. The IFA Executive has recommended that attention and funding be allocated to the inspection of moulds and building of new equipment for the next years.

Any other business



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