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1: Example of pattern of currents in La Rochelle
2: Example of best course analysis
3: Tactical information

Race Area Analyzer is a software-program that gives a detailed view of changes in tidal currents and helps tacticians take the right decisions during their race.

It has a high-resolution model of currents approved at the Olympic Games and World-Championships in Weymouth and La Rochelle. Special routing algorithms allow a precise calculation of best upwind and downwind courses, particularly for dinghies and small keelboats.

The software provides essential knowledge such as laylines in currents, attack angles, topmark approach courses, best downwind angles, windshifts caused by currents and strength of currents at any position of the race. Additionally Race Area Analyzer offers an interface for GRIB wind data.

Race Area Analyzer is very easy to use and addresses both sailors and coaches. It is an essential tool for training and racing in waters with currents.

Race Area Analyzer is available for Weymouth and La Rochelle. New editions for the Olympics in Rio 2016 and all pre-Olympic test events will follow soon.

Please find more information and trial versions on and videos on YouTube


Explanations for the pictures:
Blue arrows = currents
Red arrows = GRIB-wind data (pics 2+4)
Yellow lines = “normal” laylines in waters without currents (pics 2+3)
Red solid line = best upwind course (pics 2,3+4)
Red broken line = best downwind course (pic 2+4)
Big red arrow = direction of wind on shore (pic 3)
Big white arrow = wind on board (windshift caused by currents) (pic 3)













4: Example of printed handout - routing

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5: Example of printed handout – currents

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