2019 AGM Minutes

Athens, Greece


12th of May 2019 • 9.30 am Athens International Sailing Centre

Agenda and all reports can be found here.

1. National Class Associations
15 country secretaries are present to reach the quorum and validate the votes.

It is noted that the Greek Finn class position on its secretary is not clear. IFA asks the Greek Finn Association to clarify the secretary situation and election process.

2. Minutes from the last meeting
The minutes from the 2018 IFA AGM are approved.

3. Accounts

The 2018 accounts are approved
The 2019 / 2020 budget is approved

4. Executive Committee Reports

a) the President
b) the Vice-President Sailing
c) the Vice-President Development
d) the Vice-President Mastersthe Treasurer
e) the Chairman of the Technical Committee
f) the Chairman of the Media and Marketing Committee

5. Elections of Members to IFA Committees

The following members of the Executive Committee are re-elected.

i) The President
ii) The VP Sailing
iii) The VP Development
iv) The Treasurer

The members of the Technical Committee are re-elected. Dan Slater is added to the Technical Committee.The members of the Marketing Committee are re-elected

6. Events

a) Finn Major Events update: the dates are confirmed for the 2019 and 2020 major events.

It is proposed that the Masters fleet be invited to Palma and race at the same time as the FGC. The VP Masters will propose the idea to the Finn Masters committee. The VP Sailing indicates that the organisers in El Arenal have already considered this option and are favourable.

b) The Executive Director gives an update on the SLL rankings and partnership through their special events. She asks the secretaries to communicate all their events results in order to integrate them in the SSL rankings

c) 2024 Olympic Games update

An update is given on the diverse initiatives led by the class and other parties to reinstate the Finn Olympic status. The IFA Executive underlines that the sailors must play a greater role as they are the stakeholders and have a direct link to their federation and NOC. The sailors ask for more regular feedback on the evolving situation and some guidance from IFA with a standard letter to send to their respective MNA and NOC.

It is also requested that different ways of communication are used in order to reach the younger sailors which communicate more naturally through social media. An # should be created to liaise and push the initiatives.

The Hon. Treasurer thanked the HSF on behalf of the IFA for all their hard work and support; both in organising such an accomplished 2019 Finn European Championship at short notice and in actively supporting our lobbying with WS and the IOC.

7. Technical Committee

a. Technical matters arising from the TC Chairman report.

8. Development: plan for 2019 -2020

This has been discussed during the VP development report. Focus will be given to Continental qualifiers.

9 Any other business

Andy Denison reports some written comments from the BFA, which have been addressed earlier in the meeting, one of them being to consider having the AGM during the Masters worlds from time to time, in order to allow NFA secretaries to attend more easily



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