2024 Olympic Events - Rebalancing the Slate

International Finn Association update on the 2024 Olympic Events

2024pic1 copyFollowing an extended period of reflection and careful deliberation, the Finn class is today announcing details of its plans to try to 'rebalance the slate’. Within the Slate of Olympic Sailing events voted for in Sarasota in 2018 there is an imbalance in sailor’s physiques, a key policy of the World Sailing Council from its November 2017 meetings and a key IOC recommendation. The Finn class is trying to redress this imbalance by working on several Submissions for the November Conference in Bermuda this year that will rebalance the Olympic Slate, providing events suitable for both Heavyweight Men and Lightweight Women.

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Juri Saraskin – 1938-2019

Juri Saraskin, the Chief Measurer of the International Finn Association has died suddenly at the age of 80. He was an integral part of the Finn class for over half a century, and his calm but firm demeanour kept control of measurement at Finn championships for many years.

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